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With things looking quite a bit different than “normal,” it is easy to feel like every day is the same as the one that came before and the one that will come after. I have found myself feeling quite flustered by this monotony and in need of a better daily routine that allows me to be more planful in taking charge of my daily list of things to do without wasting time by procrastinating or losing track of things I need to prioritize. Below are some tips I’ve found helpful for having a more productive and meaningful day and I hope that some of them will help you, too!

Wake Up Early: It's much easier said than done, but it’s important to try to avoid oversleeping or sleeping in late. Being an early riser can set the day up with providing more time during day hours and allowing you to wind down during the night.

Get Yourself Moving: If when you wake up and it takes you a bit to physically get yourself out of bed, trust me you are not alone in this! It’s quite common to lay in bed awake where you’re warm and comfortable, and even to scroll on your phone for a few minutes. However, this habit can lead you to procrastinating and depriving yourself of important time that might be better spent kick starting your day with a more productive routine. It’s best to stretch yourself out of bed and move forward with your day. Do what helps you fully wake from the nights sleep whether that's splashing some water on your face, tending to personal hygiene practices, eating breakfast, or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Getting Ready: Preparation for the day looks different for everyone. Try not to push this off too much and instead get right to it. Be mindful about managing your hygiene and dressing comfortably for whatever your day has in store.

Time Management: Gather an understanding of what your day will consist of so that you can move forward strategically with a plan that helps you to manage your time wisely. Regardless of whether you have free time or you are busy, it’s important to have clarity on a plan for what lies ahead in your day.

Nutrition: This consists of medications, vitamins, food, and drinks. Don’t miss out on your daily nutrients as they’re essential aspects for your overall physical and mental health. Try to find a way to incorporate the practice of being more mindful about what you put into your body.

No Procrastination: It’s easy to push things off for a later time, which can actually lead to pushing it off into another day. Build up that motivation, and get your priorities and responsibilities done straight away, so you don’t have to stress and worry about them any longer than necessary. This can lead you to having a relaxed evening with free time to do whatever you desire.

Your Mindset: Try to limit your complaints. Focus on the positive things that you’re grateful for, and practice more positive self-talk to encourage yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. If you’re struggling, try reaching out to someone that uplifts your spirit to help improve your mood.

Thank you for reading - feel free to share your own tips in the comments! :)


Youth Peer Support Specialist

Ps. Need some more motivation to get started on creating a better morning and daily routine? Check out this youtube video:

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