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Just Breathe

As we start the new year, I think it’s important that we all remind ourselves to be patient. For me personally, I truly feel that this year has a different vibe. That being said, I still want to take the laughter and lessons of 2020 and carry them into this year in a positive way! I want to be more mindful of seeing every day as a new opportunity for growth and really taking advantage of that! I want to spread joy and love with every chance I get and want to encourage you all to do the same because we all could use a bit more of whatever kindness anyone can spare. We all have the opportunity to see this year as a new chance to focus on creating and surrounding ourselves with positive energy. One simple lifestyle change that can help you to create and surround yourself with positive energy (and can even benefit others around you!) is the practice of deep breathing. I have practiced deep breathing for several years now and I intend to continue with this practice more regularly in the new year and even try to incorporate it more frequently throughout each day. So now I am challenging you, and challenging you to challenge others in your life, to try the practice of deep breathing! I’ve included some benefits as well as a deep breathing exercise below but a quick Google search will turn up many other options for deep breathing if you’d like to try something different.

Benefits of Deep Breathing:

  1. Toxins are released by breathing properly, if you aren’t breathing properly the toxins don’t get released

  2. Can relieve emotional distress, you can clear out negative or confused feelings just with a deep breath

  3. Can improves your blood quality by releasing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen supply

  4. Can help you to release tension in your body

  5. Can contribute to easing physical pain in your body

  6. Can elevate your mood by increasing pleasure-inducing chemicals in your brain

Deep Breathing Exercise:

  • Breathe slowly, deeply, and with the purpose of feeling relaxed.

  • Count to 5. Inhale through your nose, expand your belly and feel your body being filled with positive energy!

  • Hold and count to 3. Feel the healing energy cycle throughout your body.

  • Exhale completely with a slightly open mouth, envision the negative energy leaving your body and count to 5.

  • Repeat, until you feel reenergized!

Thank you for reading and be well,

Dylan Youth MOVE NH Youth Peer Support Specialist

Ps. Want to learn more? Check out this article:

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