YMNH Staff Members

Hannah Raiche, (Program Coordinator) is a youth advocate with lived experience in the mental health system who is now working in the field of youth empowerment and engagement. Hannah’s lived experiences dealing with mental health struggles have made her into a passionate youth advocate and leader who is dedicated to ensuring that young people have access to the resources that they need to be empowered, healthy, and successful individuals. Hannah has years of experience advocating at the local, state, and national level for youth-driven systems change and redevelopment in order to better ensure that all young people are prepared to reach their fullest potential for positive outcomes and a successful future. Hannah’s work with Youth MOVE New Hampshire’s youth movement has given her experience in understanding and managing System of Care grant deliverables related to youth engagement, provided her the opportunity to gather youth perspectives and to share and infuse this collective youth voice at state level policy and planning committees related to children’s behavioral health, and has enhanced her skills in providing formal and informal support to other youth with lived experience.

Justin Tilbe, (Program Support and Youth Peer Support Representative) is a youth advocate with lived-experience in both the educational and juvenile justice systems. Justin went through the RENEW process during his second year as a freshman in High School. With a plan in place Justin dropped out of high school his junior year to finish at an alternative high school. Weeks after graduating from this alternative high school, he started his first year of college towards a degree in criminal justice. Justin’s main focus and concentration with Youth Move NH is to work with school districts that have been awarded grant funding through Safe Schools Healthy Students and Project AWARE in the state to help educate both teachers, students, and administration that youth voice is the key to a healthy, happy, successful school culture and climate.

Haley Heinrich, (Lead Youth Peer Support Specialist) was the first to pilot the youth peer support specialist role within the Wraparound System of Care in New Hampshire. Haley has lived experience in the mental health system and also has a great deal of experience working with youth who have been involved in the mental health system. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in psychology, which furthered her knowledge about mental health. Haley has always been passionate about helping others, especially those struggling with their mental health, so she is well suited for this unique role in the mental health field. As a youth who felt she could have benefited from access to youth peer support herself, she gladly accepted this role because the core values of the position exemplified what she feels many youth could benefit from. Haley sees the importance in the values of youth peer support and especially in helping advocate for youth needs, youth voice, building resilience, having relatable experiences, and fostering hope for the future. In the youth peer support role Haley has seen the many positive outcomes in the youth receiving peer support, especially in their overall self-efficacy. Haley hopes to see the youth peer support program grow, and to have others recognize its importance and value. She feels that a strong emphasis on the lived experience piece and the need for youth voice is key, as they are the experts of their own lives and offer crucial information necessary for successful mental health policy changes. Haley also wishes to see some of the youth who have received peer support potentially step into a peer support role, or another role that provides them an opportunity to use their lived-experience and advocacy skills to empower other young people.

Hannah Ossoff, (Youth Peer Support Specialist) is relatively new to peer support work, and the world of youth-driven policy and care in general. That said, Hannah is very excited to be a part of the YMNH team, and to be working to empower youth in New Hampshire and beyond.  In keeping with the “Voices of Experience” part of Youth MOVE, Hannah has personal experience in dealing with mental health issues, and would like to use this experience to help others who may be experiencing troubles of their own. As a Peer Support Specialist, Hannah will be working with youth receiving Wraparound services to help them identify and achieve actionable goals that will create better, healthier outcomes for their future. Hannah sees the voices of youth as crucial to both individual care and policy on a much larger scale. Going forward, Hannah would like to positively influence the youth she works with, and empower them to take a role in their own care. She would like to see youth and young adults truly valued for the voices of experience that they can provide as well as the positive impact that those voices can have.

Bethany Hartzell, (Youth Peer Support Specialist) is a youth advocate who is new to YMNH and the peer support role. Bethany has lived experience in the mental health and juvenile justice systems. Bethany worked to give a youth perspective on residential care and the juvenile justice system in her work with the NH Frameworks Committee. She is passionate about helping youth reach their full potential and overcoming the obstacles that may stand in their way.  As a Youth Peer Support Specialist, her goal is to help youth receiving Wraparound services reach their goals and empower them to overcome their obstacles and advocate for themselves. Bethany would like to see the value of youth with lived experience recognized more widely and for youth to feel equipped to advocate on their own behalf on the things that affect them.

Emma Fournier, (Youth Representative) is a youth advocate with lived experience who is working to become a trained Youth Peer Support Specialist. She has a strong passion for helping others and making positive change. Her goal is to learn more about the Youth Peer Support and grow her leadership and advocacy skills alongside her co-workers. Ultimately, she would like to utilize her compassion and lived-experience to connect with others within the System of Care. Emma’s personal experience overcoming obstacles and struggling with her mental health motivates her to reach out to other young people and be the person that she needed when she was in their place. Her own experiences have fueled her passion for supporting youth in their unique and individualized journey to success. Emma believes that Youth Peer Support has the potential to make a huge impact on youth in New Hampshire through preparing them to identify new strategies, conquer challenges, set healthy lifestyle goals, and reach their fullest potential. Her vision for the young people in New Hampshire is that they will be empowered to use their own knowledge and experiences to advocate for positive systems change within all youth serving systems in the state.

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